FastFlash Flash Cure Unit

These units are specifically designed to successfully flash cure in seconds and fully cure in 20-60 seconds. They allow a height adjustment of 30" to 40". These units come equipped with casters and rheostat control. The calrod heaters in these machines are warranted for 3 years.

• Rheostat controls.

• Adjustable height up to 40".

• Locking casters.

• Cal-rod style heaters for durability.

• Durable construction.


Heat Area: 16" x 16"
Power Requirements: 120V, 15A
Dimensions: 23.00" x 18.00" x 45.00"
Weight: 50.00lbs


Heat Area: 20" x 20"
Power Requirements: 240V, 15A
Dimensions: 29.00" x 23.00" x 45.00"
Weight: 60.00lbs
FastFlash Flash Cure Unit

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