WaterWorks Basic Stainless Sink

Versatility meets necessity. Every shop, large or small, needs an industrial style wash sink for processing screens. This handy unit includes tools to make the job faster and easier.

• Backlighting for easier screen processing.
• Welded 1.75” drain.
• Stainless steel construction withstands the chemical and physical abuse of screen processing.
• International Electric Upgrade $125.00


Maximum Screen Size: 31" x 36"
Power Requirements: 120V, 5A
Dimensions: 32.00" x 30.00" x 75.00"
Weight: 250.00lbs


Maximum Screen Size: 54" X 50"
Power Requirements: 120V, 5A
Dimensions: 60.00" x 36.00" x 75.00"
Weight: 350.00lbs
WaterWorks Basic Stainless Sink

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